The Company

Da Vinci Investments is a property investment brokerage and client management company, based in Birmingham, England. With our expertise in research and analysis, we are constantly on the look out for the best property investments on the market in order to offer our clients products in which we have full confidence.

To us, a good property investment must offer decent annual returns, a fixed exit strategy, and above all the developer must have a proven track record of previous successful developments. Title deeds give the security that we demand. We search through thousands of investments and only when we have personally contacted and developed a relationship with a developer will we then invest ourselves and in selected projects and offer the same investment to our clients.

What we offer

There are a wide variety of investments being offered by other companies ranging from FCA regulated stocks and bonds down to unregulated alternative investments such as wine. The choice for investors is usually a mix of risk against the level of potential returns.

At Da Vinci, we only offer property based investments as we believe these provide security and stability alongside good returns. Check our our Investments page to see the projects we are currently offering.

Who we are

Da Vinci only employ professionals with extensive relevant experience.

Why “Da Vinci”

Leonardo Da Vinci is recognised around the World as history’s greatest “Universal Genius” and a renowned polymath. As a sculptor, painter, engineer, architect, scientist and writer, when you think of Da Vinci you think of expertise.

At Da Vinci Investments we use intelligence and like to think outside of the box, which enables us to tackle everything. Leonardo Da Vinci remains the role model on whom we base our ethos.